Add Property Manually Yourself

Add all the property details yourself manually

If you want to add your property yourself then you can use our link "Add Property Yourself".

Here are few steps how you can add your property:

Step 1:

On Dashboard, you will find "Add New Property" tab, click on Add New Property.

Step 2:

Now click on "Add Property Yourself" link.

Step 3:

a) Now you need to enter the required information for the property in the given fields, few fields are mandatory to add.

b) Make sure you should enter the correct Country, Region, Location and specific location as once you will click on "Next" these particular fields will not get change.

Note: If you want to change any of these fields then you need to contact us at or you can also chat with us by logging on to your account.

c) Once you will click on Next button, you will receive an alert stating "Country, Region, Location cannot be editable once click on Next button".

d) Enter property details in the fields by clicking on "Next" button on each tab. Once you will enter the details, you will reach to the last page, where you will have "Continue" button.

e) You can use the "Previous" button if you want to go to the previous pages.

f) Once you will click on "Continue" then you will be redirected to the Dashboard where you will receive a confirmation message as well as an email will send to you at your registered email address.

NOTE: If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at

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