Add Property via Paste your Content

Paste your content

Paste your property content and submit, we will upload it for you.

Note: Support to upload properties are completely FREE.

Few steps on how you can paste your content and add photos:

Step 1:

On the Dashboard, you will find "Add New Property" tab, click on Add New Property.

Step 2:

a) Click on "Paste your content" link.

b) You can also watch the video on "How to Paste your Content and Add Photos".

Step 3:

a) You can paste your property details in the text box and to Add Photos click on "Add Photos" button.

b) You can add multiple photos at a same time. We have selected all the photos and click on "Open".

c) Photos are uploaded and you can see the status of each image as "Complete".

Step 4:

As you have pasted the content as well as the photos of the property, now the last step is Submit. Click on "Submit" to send us the property details.

Step 5:

Once you will click on Submit button, you will redirected to Dashboard where you will receive a Confirmation message as well as an email will send to you at your registered email address.

NOTE: If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at

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