Add Property via Upload a File

Send us a Word document, Text document or PPT

If you have your property details saved in any of the above documents and the photos so you can send us and our team will upload it for you.

Note: Support to upload properties are completely FREE.

Few steps how you can send us the document as well as the photos:

Step 1:

On Dashboard, you will find "Add New Property" tab, click on Add New Property.

Step 2:

a) Now click on "Upload a File".

b) You can also watch the video on "How to upload a file and send us".

Step 3:

a) To upload a file, click on "Choose File" button.

b) Select a file from the destination where the file is saved and click on "Open".

c) Now you have selected the document.

Step 4:

a) Now click on "Add Photos" to add the photos of the property. You can add multiple photos.

b) Select photos, we can select multiple photos at a same time. We have selected all the photos and click on "Open".

c) Photos are uploaded and you can see the status of each photo as "Complete".

Step 5:

As you have added the document as well as the photos of the property, now the last step is Upload. Click on "Upload" to send us the property details.

Step 6:

Once you will click on Upload button, you will redirected to Dashboard where you will receive a Confirmation message as well as an email will send to you at your registered email address.

NOTE: If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at

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