Dashboard Features

Manage your Profile

To add your Photo and other personal details.

Account Details

To add your account details under this section so that the booking payment will be transfer to your bank account.


Here you can view all the bookings made for your property whether its Accepted, Rejected or Pending.


Where you will receive all your enquiries or messages. You can also send a reply to the Guest through Inbox.


How many enquiries you have accepted, the number will show here.


How many enquiries you have rejected, the number will show here.


To search your property by using: "Search by Reference id", "Search by Location", "Search by Region" and "Search by description", which ever is feasible to you.

Show Entries

To see maximum 30 properties in your dashboard on a same page, currently only 5 properties are displayed.

Plan Opted

To view which plan you have opted for your properties by clicking on image on the top right side.

NOTE: If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at admin@goholidaylets.com

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