How do I add the pricing for my property?

To add the pricing of your property, please go through the below steps:

Step 1:

On dashboard, click on "Prices".

Step 2:

Enter the following details:

a) From Date
b) To Date
c) No. of Persons (not mandatory)
d) Select Currency
e) Add Per Night Pricing
f) Add Weekly Pricing
g) Discount (If you want to give discount to the Guests)

Step 3:

Once you will add the following entries then click on "Add Another" button to save the entry.

Follow the same steps to add more dates and the pricing.

Step 4:

You can add "Notes on Prices" as well as the "Cancellation Policy" for Guests and click on Save button.

Please feel free to contact us at, if any further query.

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