How to upload photos ?

Here are few steps that can help you to add photos for your property:

Step 1:

On dashboard, you can see "Photos", please click on Photos.

Step 2:

When you click on Photos, you will come up with the below screen where you can add multiple photos for your property at the same time by clicking on “Add Photos”.

Step 3:

When you will click on “Add Photos” button then a pop up will open up and you can select the photos from your folder. We can select multiple photos at the same time from a folder and click on Open button.

Step 4:

Now the photos which were selected are uploaded. The status shows as “Complete” for the selected photos.

Note: If you want some more photos to add, you can again click on “Add Photos” button.

Step 5:

Please click on “Upload” button.

Step 6:

When you will click on “Upload” then all the photos will be shown on right side of the same page.

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