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Click on Preview to view your property how does it display to others.

Under Review

Your Property will be reviewed by our team and if it is completed then our team will activate your property and you will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address.

Note: Once your property will be activated, Under Review will not show for that particular property.

Edit Property

To edit property details.

Locate Map

To update the location of the property on Map.


To update the Calendar, also you can sync the calendar from other site where you have added your property already by using .ICS file.

Note: ICS File - Files that contain the .ics file extension are created by a variety of calendar and scheduling applications. These calendar files allow different users to store calendar information within a text file. That text file can then be stored on the Internet and can be synchronized with other users' calendars.


To add Prices, Number of Persons, Discounts, Notes on Price and Cancellation Policy under Prices section.


To add multiple Photos of your property, change their sequences and Photo Names.

Online Booking

If you are willing to activate the Online Booking option for your property, can use this option to receive the instant bookings.


In a month how many times your property visited by others.

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